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Rotary Foundation Update
Wade NomuraPDG Wade Nomura escaped the smoky south coast (Sherpa Fire) coming to Los Olivos with a history of the Rotary Foundation. Rotary International is the administrative arm of Rotary and the Rotary Foundation is the charitable are that does all the projects world wide. He explained the differences between district, global and packaged grants and the criteria for project approval.  It is interesting that the criteria is based on criteria developed earlier by District 5240.
After making us all feel good about all the good things Rotary does all over the world, Wade cut to the chase - What can we do for Rotary?  Paul Harris Fellowships (one time gift of $1000), Paul Harris Society ($1000 a year),  Benefactor, Bequest Society, Major Donor, Arch Klumph Society ($250,00 or more). Norm mentioned there are two clubs in South Korea that are 100% Arch Klumph Society members. Click here  details on all these programs.
Our club usually contributes $100 per member to the Foundation and half this money comes back to the club three years later as a district grant.  Individual donations to the Rotary Foundation from members increase the amount of district grant money available when it comes back.
Wade also spoke about his involvement in Rotary projects all over the world. Besides participating in a National Immunization Day in India, he has participated in over 40 projects, mostly in Central America, where he approves or denies project applications for water and health related projects.
Demotion Party Next Sunday
Doll PondA year ago President Ron retired from a long career with the Boy Scouts of America.  Soon he will be retiring from a long year as president of the Rotary Club of Los Olivos (at least it always seems like a long year to a retiring Rotary club president, probably even longer for a district governor). Ron will be properly retired at a ceremony in his honor this coming Sunday at Doll Pond.  Will Ron take a dip in the pond as Penny did a few years ago? Will he win the longest drive contest a la Fairway Bob Dullea's demotion a year later?  Anyone have any ideas about how to roast an old Boy Scout?
The party starts at 5 pm with dinner served soon afterward.  Its a pot-luck and we want to eat the hot stuff while its still hot and the cold stuff while its still cold.  Don't come late if you don't want to eat by yourself.  Judy has been coordinating the pot-luck. Contact her if you forgot what you signed up- to bring.  The club will furnish water, soft drinks and wine. If you have a particular favorite, bring it.
The area now has overhead lights so feel free to stay as long as you like.  We'll have a fire pit going.  Clean up will be minimal as the VFW and American Legion are hosting a Veteran's Appreciation Barbecue there next Monday evening.  Veterans are asked to call Al Salge at 693-9133 if they would like to attend.
Doll Pond is on Dean Davidge's Indian Ditch Ranch at 587 Refugio Rd. Its half a mile south of Hwy 246 on the right.  Park in the lot on the right when you get to the pond.
Material Needed for Weekly Bulletin
Dean and Sheila have teamed up to bring you a weekly bulletin.  Please email announcements you would like to see in the next bulletin to us by Sunday evening. If you know you are going to miss a meeting but have a "Happiness" that just has to be told, this is your place to tell it. The bulletin is not a place for political or religious discussions.
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